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Department of Japanese History
The department of Japanese History is based on the National Museum of Japanese History, in which various researchers strive to understand Japanese history and culture through a comprehensive approach using history, archaeology, folklore and allied disciplines, and provides interdisciplinary educational and research opportunities from diverse viewpoints. The distinctive feature of the Department is that the students can carry their investigations forward through the use of massive amount of resources stored by the Museum and advanced equipments for scientific analysis. The Department nurtures flexible researchers who are capable of addressing innovative themes in Japanese history and culture by taking broad, interdisciplinary approaches.

--Message from the Head of the department--
SAKAMOTO Minoru, Head of the Department of Japanese History

The Department of Japanese History is part of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, commonly called “SOKENDAI”. It was established based on the National Museum of Japanese History in 1999 and offers only doctoral programs.
The most distinguishing characteristic of the Department of Japanese History is that it was founded with the collaboratively operating organization having a museum as its basis. Therefore, it is home to many excellent professional researchers specialized in history, archeology, folklore and other related sciences toward the creation of broader and new historical sciences through cooperative operation. In addition, demonstration studies using the vast amount of holding materials, books and research equipment can be conducted. Furthermore, various study contents including not only theses but exhibitions, database and symposiums can be made open to the public. Many people who have been working enter our Department, and daily conversation with teachers from various fields is also one of the attractions of our Department.
The illustrious research environment allows students to directly use important real materials and to obtain instructions on studies from a variety of viewpoints. We hope that our students produce doctoral dissertations based on achievements of high and advanced learning while attending, receive their doctorates, and contribute to the progress and development of historical science. We expect to accept researchers that have enthusiasm for the development of new historical science.

April 2018

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