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Special Exhibition Galleries

The Wonders of URUSHI: 12,000-Year History of People and Lacquer in Japan

Date : 2017.7.11(Tue) - 2017.9.3(Sun)

In regions of Asia where lacquer trees grow, distinctive techniques of lacquerware have developed, giving rise to cultures unique to each region. This exhibition explores the history of the relationship between people and lacquer in the Japanese Archipelago from the prehistoric Jomon period to the present in the context of Asian lacquerware culture as a whole, through various approaches including archeology, art, folklore, and natural science.

1968: A Time Filled with Countless Questions

Date : 2017.10.11(Wed) - 2017.12.10(Sun)

The late 1960s saw mass protests against the Vietnam War, actions by citizens and residents to the construction of Narita International Airport and outbreaks of Minamata disease, and nationwide student movement that questioned the political and social framework of postwar Japan. This special exhibition focuses on the questions addressed in the diverse social movements of the symbolic year of 1968 while presenting the movements as a whole and exploring their modern significance.

Kofun Culture through the Eyes of the World

Date : 2018.3.6(Tue) - 2018.5.6(Sun)

What is the significance of Kofun? Through the eyes of the world, this exhibition explores the features of the large keyhole-shaped burial mounds in the Japanese Archipelago. The rulers resting in the large mounds and the time they lived in are reconstructed through various lenses of architecture around the world including Chinese imperial mausolea, Western royal burial mounds and temples, as well as contemporary society and art imagery.


Featured Exhibitions in the Permanent Gallery

[Gallery 4] Amazing Show Tents in Contemporary Japan

Date : 2017.4.18(Tue) - 2017.7.17(Mon)

[Gallery 3] Musical Instruments and Lacquer

Date : 2017.7.11(Tue) - 2017.9.3(Sun)

[Gallery 4] National Parks: Now and Then

Date : 2017.8.1(Tue) - 2018.1.8(Mon)

[Gallery 3] Japanese Era Names and the Imperial Court

Date : 2017.9.12(Tue) - 2017.10.22(Sun)

[Gallery 3] A Guide to Best Food in Edo

Date : 2018.1.5(Fri) - 2018.2.4(Sun)

[Gallery 3] Hina Dolls and Ornaments Associated with Princess Kazunomiya

Date : 2018.2.20(Tue) - 2018.4.8(Sun)

Seasonal Exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life

Traditional Primroses

Date : 2017.4.11(Tue) - 2017.5.7(Sun)

Enjoy the beautiful traditional primroses displayed in tiers.

Traditional Japanese Morning Glories

Date : 2017.7.25(Tue) - 2017.9.10(Sun)

Be amazed by mutant Japanese morning glories from the Edo Period.
The garden opens from 8:30 a.m. on August 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Traditional Antique Chrysanthemum

Date : 2017.10.31(Tue) - 2017.11.26(Sun)

Be impressed by the splendor of chrysanthemums, including the Edo chrysanthemum.

Winter Flowers: Camellia Sasanqua

Date : 2017.11.28(Tue) - 2018.1.28(Sun)

An introduction to the world of Camellia Sasanqua.

*Blooming periods may vary due to weather.